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Spotlight Rebecca Ferdinando Actress

Rebecca Ferdinando
Height: 5" 8', Bust: 34C, Waist: 23'
Hips: 35', Shoe-Size: 6
Hair: Blond, Straight Long
Acting Ages: 17-30


Rebecca Ferdinando is one of the hottest new actresses to hit the UK film industry. She had her first notable role in 2010 in the Gangster flick Bonded By Blood where she played the nurse who side tracks Essex boy Tony Tucker played by Tamer Hassan. Shortly after this people began whispering Rebeccas' name and she signed with a top London acting agency and was since cast in many films such as 'Outside Bet' with Bob Hoskins and Jenny Aguter, Get Lucky, White Collar Hooligan and Gridiron UK. Rebecca was recently cast in 'Rush' - Ron Howards new movie and plays a Valley Girl Elf in an exciting new Animation film with Joan Collins, Tim curry and Martin Freeman called Saving Santa.

Tamer Hassan
Quote Open Working with Rebecca was a dream, as an individual she is down to earth and has a great personality, but more-so she has a lot of talent under her belt. Looking forward to working with Rebecca in the future. Quote End - Tamer Hassan

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