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A Clean and Simple Life

Wednesday 2nd August 2017

I recently featured in a commercial for Soft and Gentle’s new deodorant. When the call sheet came through the night before the first day of shoot, it asked if anyone on the shoot had any dietary requirements? I decided I didn’t want to look like a Mariah Carey DIVA or a fussy so and so, so I simply didn’t reply. When it came to lunch time the next day it surprised me how many people on the shoot had a gluten sensitivity, dairy free diet or in one case a complete coeliac. In fact there was more Almond and soya milk than there was cows milk on set. Which is a complete change from a few years ago when I was on shoots, where most people hadn’t even heard of Almond milk. So much so that if you wanted it, and you lived any distance away from Planet Organic or Wholefoods, you had to make it yourself (yep in the days before Almond milk in cartons, you made your own by soaking Almonds in Water – recipe below!). The growth has been phenomenal with supermarkets, cafes and restaurants offering gluten free, dairy free and vegan options, everyone seems to have a dietary requirement of some sort even if that’s just to simply eat cleaner! Heres a pic of me on set of Soft and Gentle commerical last week drinking Green Tea in between takes. Look out for the commerical from 14th August 2017.

This month as many of my friends plan to go on holiday, over 3 in 5 (67%) women change their health and exercise habits in the run up to bikini season: 41% eat more healthily, almost a quarter (23%) try to tone up, and about one in 10 (11%)cut out sugar in a bid to prepare for their holiday. However eating cleaner is a way of life now. Its not a ‘diet’ or something you do long enough to reach a particular goal. Clean eating refers to unprocessed, unrefined and nutrient –rich food. Food in its most natural form – its what I generally follow and the way of life I choose to follow for my daughter, Ava. Putting the right nutrients into your body helps you lead a more active life, fight disease, improve your wellbeing and boost your happiness and for me it supports my Yoga practice. Both emotionally and physically. Here are my tips of essential clean eating:

1) Vegetables are going to make up the majority of your diet.

2) Fruit should be high up on your supermarket list – go for seasonal fruit if you can, they will have more nutritional benefits, taste better and they should be cheaper! (i'll do another blog post on this subject this week)

3) Good fats is next. Nuts, seeds, avocados, olives, coconut oil and eggs - get plenty of them in your diet.

4) When choosing dairy options – make sure you go for organic, not the low fat ones as they usually have hidden extra sugars

One of the first things you can change TODAY is your cereal. Try making your own cereal CLEAN EATING CEREAL by choosing any of the following ingredients or a combination of some or all of them:

75g jumbo rolled oats (organic)

50g bran flakes (gluten free if you wish or wheat germ)

75g puffed rice, barley or rye flakes (gluten free if you wish)

75g Toasted coconut flakes

50g mixed seeds (include Flax, Chia, Sunflower)

75g of Nuts (hazelnuts/Almonds/peacan/walnut or a combination)

75g dried cranberries or ready to eat dried apricots (chopped organic)

50g of sultanas or dried ready to eat figs (chopped organic)

Check out my latest blog post to make your own Almond Milk ...its SOOOOO much tastier than the shop bought stuff and you know exactly what is in it (just water and almonds!)