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The Eye Life

Wednesday 2nd August 2017

I'm always looking for eye creams on the market...that work! Although it would be cheaper to wear a new pair of this season Prada sunglasses every day rather than keep trying out the latest technology in peptides and retinol. "What do you want from your eye cream?" the teenage beauty counter lady tells me with her Amy Winehouse liner flicks. "One that works", I reply positively. The females in my family all have fragile skin around their eyes, and maybe it's all the laughter and fun that we have - after all, they say lines are the lines of the soul, but I would be lying if I said I didn't want to knock between 2 and 10 years off my eyes…so how? Ok.. well, over the last few months, I've been testing out these five eye creams, and here are the results of the eye creams I used:

1. REN Firm and Lift Eye cream is Brilliant for sensitive eyes like mine. Feels luxurious without the need for chemicals or nasties. 5/5

2. Cowshed Jasmine Toning Eye Balm - this eye cream/balm doesn't have any amazing technology, but it's simple and light and can be placed over makeup if needed. 3/5

3. Rodial Snakes Venom o2 - Light and super refreshing. You can use this morning and night, but be warned, it's very expensive 4/5

4. Cream De La Mer Eye Balm - I like using this one at night, but it's too heavy for the day (for me); however, it simply oozes luxury. 3/5

5. Kiehls Powerful wrinkle-reducing Eye Cream - Simple. Easy to use and great for your portable make-up bag, but I think its bark is bigger than its bite! It doesn't feel like it has the latest technology. It simply feels hydrating. 4/5.